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Custom Balcony Privacy Screens
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Product Description:

Enhance your outdoor living with our Custom Size Balcony Privacy Screen. Enjoy shade and UV protection for your private space. Our Custom Size Balcony Privacy Screen is made of high-density polyester fiber with a PU coating, ensuring unrivaled durability and performance. Its anti-corrosion aluminum grommets guarantee a long-lasting and stylish addition to your outdoor space.

Package Contents:

  • 1x Custom Balcony Privacy Screen
  • 50x Zip Ties

Why choose our Custom Balcony Privacy Screens?

Last Reviews:


out of 5
Nicole Richter
Super privacy

High quality product! It does its job and looks good at the same time. It is also easy to install. I would buy again every time

Mithat Marmara


Top grade!

I really thought that it was impossible to get a decent quality balcony privacy screen at such a low price and had actually bought the product as an emergency solution because my previous privacy screen was damaged by a storm. However, I could hardly be happier now and will leave him hanging permanently. The only tiny point of criticism, but it doesn’t justify a deduction: the included cable ties are white. I personally didn’t like that, so I ordered black sepperat (see photo). It’s hardly a criticism, as you can generally be amazed at the price that there are even cable ties available.

Maria B.R.

Covering the Sun

It came out perfect, just as we expected.
+ The nailed measurements.
+ Feeling of a good quality product.
+ It looks sturdy and well built.
+ It is appreciated that you bring a package of ties, although the package has fallen short for us because some of them have broken and we had to put doubles because the railing is very thick.


Just what we were looking for!!

Very easy to install, and absolutely nothing is transparent, the fabric is laminated, it can be ironed, cut or sewn perfectly, the measurements indicated… Everything is great!!!


Rooftop towel
Beautiful towel for balconies. Easy to assemble, the presence of eyelets for fixing is convenient. Fastening straps also come with the towel.

Laura R.

Great quality.

The sheet is made of very sturdy material and I think it will last for a long time and not be worn away as quickly as the previous one I had. It came with the ties which is very handy. It fits beautifully too. I’m very happy with this.

Kevin H.
Does the job.
This product does the job well! We used it on our balcony and it provides a decent amount of privacy from the busy street below. It also doesn’t look too cheap and seems like relatively good quality – remains to be seen how it handles winter weather however. Note that there is still some visibility – while not completely sheer, people would still be able to see shapes etc but it’s definitely providing a lot more privacy. Would recommend!


Nice and sturdy

Installing is very easy, just be sure to keep your cable ties a little loose until you have it exactly where you want, then tighten.

What material is the Balcony Privacy Screen made from?

Our Balcony Privacy Screen is made of high-density polyester fiber with a PU coating, ensuring exceptional durability and performance.

Can I customize the size of the Balcony Privacy Screen?

Absolutely! We offer custom sizing options for our Balcony Privacy Screens to ensure a perfect fit for your specific balcony dimensions. Our products are designed with versatility in mind, allowing you to create a tailored and snug solution for your outdoor space. Explore our customization options here to get started.

How is the Balcony Privacy Screen installed?

The installation is hassle-free. The package includes 50 zip ties for easy and secure attachment. Simply use the zip ties to fasten the privacy screen to your balcony or patio, providing an instant private retreat.

Is the Balcony Privacy Screen suitable for all weather conditions?

Yes, the high-density polyethylene fabric and anti-corrosion aluminum grommets make the privacy screen suitable for various weather conditions. It is designed to withstand sun exposure, rain, and other outdoor elements.

Can I use the Privacy Screen for purposes other than balconies?

Absolutely! While it’s perfect for balconies, our privacy screen can also enhance the privacy and comfort of patios, terraces, or any outdoor space where you want to create a secluded atmosphere.

How do I clean and maintain the Balcony Privacy Screen?

Cleaning is simple. Use mild soap and water to gently clean the screen. Avoid harsh chemicals or abrasive materials. Regular maintenance will ensure the longevity and aesthetics of your privacy screen.

Is the Balcony Privacy Screen suitable for residential and commercial use?

Yes, the versatility and durability of our Balcony Privacy Screen make it suitable for both residential and commercial use. It adds style and functionality to various outdoor settings.

What is included in the package?

The package includes 1x Balcony Privacy Screen and 50x zip ties, providing you with all the necessary components for a convenient and straightforward installation process.

How can I keep the balcony privacy screen in good condition?

We recommend using a soft brush or vacuum on both sides of the fabric to remove dust, washing the fabric with water and neutral soap, preferably of natural origin. Air dry the fabric, and for additional protection, consider applying special wax for canvas. These care steps will help maintain your balcony privacy screen in optimal condition.