How to Choose Your Custom Shade Sail

1. Define Your Needs and Style

Before deciding on a custom sun shade sail, it is essential to understand your needs and the desired style for your outdoor space. Are you looking to create shade for relaxation or protection against rain? Do you have a specific design in mind? Garden Tranquil tailors its sun shade sails; to individual requirements.

Different design styles

2. Measure and Mark Your Space

Precisely measure the area where you plan to install the sun shade sail, taking into account the locations of attachment points, such as posts or walls. Mark these points to ensure accurate and secure installation.

To fix the sun shade sail properly, it’s important to know where you’ll place each attachment point and how you’ll secure it. There are different methods of attachment, with the most commonly used being ropes or a fixing kit that you can purchase from our store or any hardware store. Remember to leave a margin of about 20 cm at each corner to properly secure the sun shade sail.

Measure the space

Adjust the tension

3. Select the Shape and Size

Garden Tranquil offers custom sun shade sails in various shapes and sizes to fit any space. You can choose from squares, rectangles, or triangles based on your needs and preferences. The experts at Garden Tranquil can assist in determining the appropriate size, taking into account the dimensions of your outdoor area and your specific shade goals.

4: Choose the Material

The choice of material is a critical factor in ensuring that your sun shade sail perfectly suits your needs. Garden Tranquil offers two options: waterproof and breathable.

Waterproof sun shade sails are ideal for rain protection and creating a dry outdoor space, while breathable ones provide shade without completely blocking light and air. The choice of material will depend on your personal preferences and local weather conditions. Our team will be happy to advise you on the most suitable choice.

Breathable Shade Sail
Waterproof Shade Sail

Advantages of choosing Garden Tranquil


At Garden Tranquil, there is a commitment to offering high-quality products and personalized service. If you are ready to select a custom sun shade sail or need assistance with installation, please do not hesitate to contact them today! The expert team at Garden Tranquil will be delighted to help you create the outdoor space that you need.

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